Thursday, February 5, 2009

momenT u were BORNed..

where were AUNTIES the moment u were borned..?
where were AUNTIES when mummy cries need an arm..?

grow up sweetie u'll have to open muMmy's diary..
the greatest Love we shared above aLL..
the amazing moment NO ONE cant tell..
dig it out baby one day it will recall

though these word i spell is true..
u might fail pictures clear of view..
AUNTIES understand we were not seeing too
but 1 day i know we will do..

first born heritage of 5..
5 years mummys gone, time so fast..
mummy left didnt notice LOVE inside us..
but this time she's back..

i knew it will LAST..


Ziana said...

comel nyerr!!
tiut tiut nyerrr

lamanyerrr... 5yrs??

cinderellaGONEwild said...


hmmm.. 5years,,tapi rasa cam sat ja... i got her back..i want all back..

sure tak paham...hihi... buat2 paham je,

farhanaabubakar said...

mata die bulat..
pipi tembam...

I'm LeGend said...

cumell... nk muwah3 kat die..

cinderellaGONEwild said...

cumeykan,.. dimple tu yg mahal tu... hikhik...

im legend,
hikhik.. aufa auntie legend nak muah2 buyeh tak ni...

Lily.Lulu said...

geramnyaa tengok
tembammmm !!!

nak picit pipi dia macam pipi anies aje la


riqzmie said...

hi can we exchnage our banner,if u done have banner i still can post yur link,please let me know after it blog about my addicted making wire jewelry.thank

cinderellaGONEwild said...

pipi anis ni sebab lebihh mkn ni...

PKP is me..... said...


apa citer hilang2 nie?? story skit...buat la entri yang paham baru leh komen..hahaha

Nem0 o0h Nem0 said...

comelllnyerrrr..geram tgk!